Thank you, Kathy!

This campaign ended on June 30, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Frostburg State University by clicking here!

Kathy Snyder '75/M'85 Vice President for Human Resources is retiring on June 30, having served Frostburg State University since 1999.

Kathy developed a comprehensive professional development program for faculty and staff at FSU. She was instrumental in creating the Employee Development and Leadership Series, which has graduated four cohorts. This unique program provides leaders at Frostburg State University with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their current roles and prepares them for potential leadership roles in higher education. 

To ensure that Kathy's dedication to employees lives on, please make a gift today in honor of her retirement to the Human Resources and Employee Development Fund. This fund supports all of these professional development programs for FSU faculty and staff.



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The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2001 4$1,150
1998 1$360
2002 2$200
2003 2$150
1996 2$145
2005 1$120
1983 1$100
1968 1$100
1974 2$100
1991 2$100
1986 2$75
1994 1$50
2013 2$50
2000 1$50
2018 1$50
2010 1$50
1990 1$50
1987 2$25
1995 1$25
2004 1$25
1989 1$25
2012 1$20

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Lee Ann Nightingale
Vickie Mazer
Dorothy Ige Campbell
Stefanie E. Hay
David L. Snyder
Avalon Ledong
Alan Snyder
Tina M. Rafferty
Ty DeMartino
Johnna Byers
Meredith Irons
Brian Snyder & Ometa
Don Swogger
Lisa Clark
Denise L. Murphy
Rubin Stevenson
John Short & Clara Porcello
Sherri L. Sheetz & Michael E.
John & Carol Gimler
Ann Townsell & Gary Phillips
Rosario I van Daalen
Jillian Fradiska & Sean Fradiska
Sharon A O' Neal & Mick
Matthew T. Growden
Troy Donoway
Bill Mandicott & Lea Messman-Mandicott
Colleen Stump & Chuck Stump
Kate Loughrie
Ben Norris photoBen Norris
Carrie Jaso
Sara Beth Bittinger
Patricia E Gregory
Cynthia R. Smith
Jay Hegeman & Rita
Tamara E Lowry
Brittni Kaetzel
Lori Bennett
Rob W. Webber
Jodi Welsch
Tiffany Pirolozzi
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