How Eating Plastics Impacts Seabirds

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Help fund Plastics In Food Webs Ecology Research at FSU!  

Plastic pollution is a huge problem and has been found everywhere. Despite reports of wildlife eating plastic for over 50 years, it is still not understood how it impacts animal populations.  

FSU's Biology Departments research will focus on the diets of seabirds, where the amount of plastic in their stomachs is compared to more natural components that they feed on within marine food webs. The information from this study will help us to better understand whether birds that eat a lot of plastic do so at the expense of more typical food items, shedding light on their behavioral ecology.  

100% of your donation will go to fund our research project! 

Your donation will enable the transportation of research study subjects that are housed across the country, the supplies needed for assessments (dissecting tools, microscopes, storage containers), and will allow students to learn necessary study techniques. Funding plastics in food webs ecology research will help us to conserve threatened and endangered species, learn about the likely health impacts these contaminants can have on human populations, and support the fields of ecological research and wildlife conservation by developing the workforce that can help us solve environmental problems for which we are only now learning the extent of their severity. 

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