Bobcat Giving Day 2023

169% of 1,250 Donor goal
This campaign ended on March 02, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Frostburg State University by clicking here!
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Janelle Moffett photoJanelle Moffett matched $60

An Anonymous DonorLiz Rhodes matched $100

Seth Loar photoSeth Loar matched $100

An Anonymous DonorAnthony G Stair matched $100

An Anonymous DonorNicole Kirk matched $100

Melanie Lombardi photoMelanie Lombardi matched $100

An Anonymous DonorErica Kennedy matched $100

An Anonymous DonorPatrick Friel matched $125

An Anonymous DonorMatthew Crawford matched $125

Ashley Daniels photoAshley Daniels matched $33

An Anonymous DonorJames Kirk matched $150

Kathy Nicholas Boykins photoKathy Nicholas Boykins matched $200

Royal V. Hines photoRoyal V. Hines matched $13

An Anonymous DonorBen Norris matched $250

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $250

An Anonymous DonorJeffrey Hyde matched $250

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $500

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $500

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $500

An Anonymous DonorRuss Younkers matched $500

An Anonymous DonorJennifer Porter matched $500

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $670

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorBill Bingman matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJohn Short & Clara Porcello matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $1,000

Barry Holder photoBarry Holder matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJeffrey Kramer matched $1,250

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $1,500

An Anonymous DonorEdward Herold, Jr matched $2,000

An Anonymous DonorFSU Foundation Board of Directors matched $5,000
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An Anonymous DonorRebekah Taylor gave $100

An Anonymous DonorKirk Engle gave $125

An Anonymous DonorDr. Ronald Nowaczyk gave $1,250
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Make a gift of $60 or more you will get a pair of limited-edition Bobcat socks!

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Bobcat Giving Day is a 24-hour online fundraising event that brings the Frostburg State community together. Alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff Bobcat fans all over the world come together to make a difference for Frostburg!

Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of FSU with your gift to the University: You can choose to give to your favorite area of Frostburg State University, including your college or program, athletics, the arts, the Annual Fund or any of our FSU funds. One hundred percent of your gift on Giving Day goes directly to the fund of your choice!

Gifts MUST be made by 12 noon on March 2, 2023

The fund to receive the MOST DONORS (not dollars) will receive $10,000.

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We did it!!! THANK YOU!!!~

We did it! Congratulations on making #BobcatGivingDay a success. Together, we raised $167,969 for your favorite FSU funds (and gave away a lot of socks along the way)!


The winner of the $10,000 Challenge by the FSU Foundation Board of Directors (for the most donors) is awarded to SWIMMING with a total of 335 donors. Earning the $5,000 second place is MEN'S LACROSSE with 325 donors.


Overall, we had 2,122 donors in total. THANK YOU for participating! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 6, 2024, when #BobcatGivingDay will return with new goals and prizes.

  Watch the THANK YOU video below from our #BobcatGivingDay student correspondents.

208 days ago by Kathleen McGreevy
Early Bird Challenge!

The Frostburg State University Foundation Board of Directors has issued a challenge for all of you early risers! If you're up this morning and thinking of making a gift, now is the time by clicking HERE. Our Foundation Board will add $50 to each of the NEXT 20 GIFTS until 9 a.m. this morning!

208 days ago by Kathleen McGreevy
Knock our socks off with a gift to YOUR favorite fund!

The best things come in pairs -- including our Bobcat socks! Make your gift of $60 or more, and the FSU Foundation Board of Directors will add another $60 to it for the NEXT 25 DONORS! Knock our socks off with a gift to YOUR favorite fund! 

208 days ago by Kathleen McGreevy
Graduates of the Last Decade (2012 -2022)

Graduates from 2012-2022, this match is for you! Make a gift to #BobcatGivingDay and the FSU Foundation Board of Directors will add $25 to each gift made by graduates of the last decade, but only for the first 20 gifts!

208 days ago by Liz Nelson
The President's Challenge!

It's time for the President's Challenge! FSU President, Dr. Ron Nowaczyk, is giving $1,250 to the Annual Fund for the next 125 donors (who give to any fund of their choice). 

209 days ago by Kathleen McGreevy
Big News!

#Bobcatgivingday is finally here! Don't forget, the FSU Foundation Board of Directors will give an additional $10,000 to the fund that receives the most donors! But wait, there is more! The FSU Foundation Board of Directors just released, in addition to the $10,000 first prize, the FSU Foundation Board of Directors is giving $5,000 to the fund that comes in second place with the most donors.

209 days ago by Kathleen McGreevy

Donor Map
Class Year
Class YearDonorsRaised ($)
Fund Leaderboard
Fund LeaderboardDonorsRaised ($)
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Scholarship0$0
Allee Family Scholarship0$0
University PALS0$0
Joseph M. Ellis Memorial Scholarship for Volunteerism0$0
Dr. Nelson P. Guild and Maggie G. Guild Senior Honors Scholarship Award0$0
Honors Program Development Fund1$30
Adolph E. Norris Presidential Merit Scholarship in Engineering0$0
Athletics Softball Scholarship0$0
History Development Fund0$0
Friends of the George Meyers Collection0$0
William L. Wilson, Jr. and Elizabeth Gracie Wilson Children's Literature Centre Fund0$0
Beautify the Burg0$0
Gary D. Cook Professional Development in Theatre Fund0$0
Lillian M. Wellner Guest Lecture Fund0$0
Athletics Development Fund2$75
Mary E. Clapsaddle Merit Scholarship1$50
Lewis J. Ort Access to Education Scholarship0$0
Mass Communication Development Fund0$0
Palmer L. and Janice M. Beebe Chemistry Achievement Award0$0
Randy Walters Memorial Physician Assistant Scholarship0$0
Henrietta M. Lease Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Virgil C. and Mildred A. Walters Presidential Merit Scholarship in Chemistry0$0
Roy and Gi Buckheit Endowed Scholarship0$0
Derek Thomson Sheely Leadership Award0$0
Athletics Women's Tennis Scholarship0$0
Pfluger Family Accounting Scholarship0$0
Sociology Development Fund1$15
Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) Fund0$0
Alexandria M. Alvarez '18 Memorial Computer Science Scholarship0$0
P. Terrence Burke Scholarship0$0
Westvaco Academic Equipment Fund0$0
A. P. Boxley, III Presidential Merit Scholarship1$20
Russell and Penny Younkers Men's Soccer Fund0$0
STEM Festival0$0
Anne E. and William B. Wallace, Jr. Endowed Scholarship0$0
Filer Family Scholarship2$200
Mary Watson and Richard Norris Chemistry Award0$0
Laura Ann Collins Memorial Scholarship0$0
Theatre & Dance4$200
Howard and Audrey Naylor Scholarship0$0
Bowling Family Global Citizen Fund0$0
Matthew Guild Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. Don B. Weser and Martha S. Weser Chemistry Achievement Award0$0
Master of Business Administration Endowed Fund/Paula L. Vroman Scholarship0$0
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #172 Endowed Scholarship1$250
Dr. Norman W. Nightingale Education Endowed Fund1$50
Karen Lucas Memorial Art Scholarship0$0
Ralph and Charlotte Jordan Scholarship1$2,500
Lawrence E. Disharoon '78 Scholarship0$0
Foreign Language Endowed Scholarship1$100
Psychology Endowed Scholarship: Allegany County Association for Mental Health Award0$0
Career and Professional Development Center0$0
John P. Reuschlein Scholarship3$220
International Studies Development Fund0$0
Thomas F. and Irene M. Albright Family Scholarship0$0
Pre-Professional Medical Society0$0
Todd Erik Wolf Geography Memorial Endowed Fund0$0
Leonard & Jane Schwab Theatre and Speech Scholarship0$0
Morris H. Willey and Tara Willey Memorial Scholarship0$0
Club Sport Men's Volleyball0$0
Jordan R. Hobel, DDS '09 Pre-Dental/Medical Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Bobcat Benevolence and Bereavement Fund0$0
FSU Undergraduate Research Symposium0$0
Management Faculty Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Gene H. Mumper Memorial Scholarship0$0
Gilmore Family Football Scholarship0$0
Student Business Leaders Council2$175
Ann L. Williams Communication Studies Scholarship0$0
Edward S. & Sarah J. Moran Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Reverend George M. and Mrs. Phyllis C. Harpold Presidential Merit Scholarship in Biology1$75
Nikki Clark Endowed Fund0$0
Women's Studies Development Fund1$15
Dr. Richard C. Sloop Student Leadership Fund1$1,000
Student Government Association Scholarship0$0
Sustainable Energy Research0$0
Dr. Rommel B. Gonzaga Physician Assistant Scholarship0$0
Music Department/Band Development Fund0$0
David Sanford Endowed Graduate Scholarship0$0
Russell and Penny Younkers Men's Soccer Scholarship0$0
Hot Stove Baseball League Scholarship Award0$0
Hedrick Endowment for Teacher Excellence0$0
Dr. Alice R. Manicur Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Ruth A. Wallinger Leadership Studies Scholarship1$50
Accounting Development Fund0$0
Residence Life Endowment1$20
G. Wesley and Margaret M. Forrester Education Scholarship0$0
John and Jane Helmick Baseball Scholarship0$0
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences7$1,365
BURG Peer Education Network Endowed Fund1$30
Recreation and Parks Management Fund3$65
Betty Jane Phillips and Karen Soderberg-Sarnaker Research Endowment0$0
A. Margaret and James C. Sunderland Nursing Scholarship3$150
Hagerstown Center Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Stephen Luzader Physics Scholarship0$0
Brodell Children's Literature Endowment0$0
Accounting Department Endowed Fund1$63
Sean and Terri McCagh Family Physician Assistant Scholarship0$0
The Honorable Gene W. Counihan '63 Scholarship0$0
Stephen Simpson Political Science Scholarship7$456
Athletics Football Scholarship9$225
Administration and Finance Development Fund2$80
Computer Science and Information Technologies Development Fund2$250
African American Studies Development Fund4$230
College of Business Student Engagement Fund11$2,190
College of Education10$530
Athletics Men's Swimming Scholarship11$370
Donesha Chew '20 Computer Science Scholarship25$1,485
Diversity in the Arts Fund11$1,805
Nursing Development Fund2$90
Accounting Association Scholarship15$1,627
FSU Facilities Maintenance Fund18$590
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - Mu Upsilon Chapter Scholarship14$1,390
Shayna Kramer Leadership Memorial Scholarship18$3,005
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Development Fund47$2,009
Residence Life Development Fund5$250
Alpha Delta Chi Fraternity Golden Anniversary Presidential Merit Scholarship3$345
Theta Delta Pi Legacy Scholarship34$3,384
Chemistry Development Fund6$405
Asian American Cultural Society of Cumberland Scholarship0$0
Brooke R. Kirchner Student Alumni Engagement Scholarship48$3,346
Bernard Wynder Legacy Fund17$659
Economics Development Fund0$0
Student Affairs Crisis Emergency Fund31$1,537
Parents Association Scholarship0$0
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 239 Development Fund0$0
Dr. Dawn F. Thomas Beall Institute Fund0$0
Athletics Men's Track and Field Scholarship11$465
Sally A. Haas and Gary L. Haas Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
College of Business10$869
Frostburg State University Foundation Presidential Merit Scholarship2$1,020
Annual Fund60$6,357
Jeanette and C. William Gilchrist Scholarship0$0
Nancy Ginder Memorial Scholarship1$100
University Police Scholarship1$50
Hedrick Endowment For Business Excellence0$0
Mid-Atlantic Council of Trout Unlimited Scholarship0$0
TJ and HS Shin Finance Scholarship0$0
Office of Information Technology Student Internship Fund0$0
N. Rose Atwood Scholarship0$0
1972 World Series Baseball Team Scholarship6$485
Ronald "Butch" Young Men's Soccer Scholarship2$220
Educational Professions Fund1$250
FSU Chapter of the National Council of Negro Women Fund0$0
Class of 1964 Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
R. Patrick and Elizabeth R. Friel Scholarship1$125
Frostburg Lions Endowment0$0
Muriel and Richard Sturtevant Memorial Nursing Scholarship1$125
Walter and Elmira Hahn Memorial Scholarship0$0
Phillip Charles Lee '01 Scholarship0$0
Diversity in Food Web Ecology Fund0$0
Frances Ann Shaw Memorial Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers71$2,780
Fraternity and Sorority Life5$145
Student and Community Involvement Development Fund1$25
Human Resources and Employee Development Fund4$220
Michael Schrodel Scholarship0$0
Margaret G. Guild Vocal Music Scholarship0$0
Dr. Harold and Jeanne Cordts Scholarship1$125
Alma Logsdon Endowed Scholarship0$0
William H. Graves '65 Scholarship2$1,020
John C. Martin, Sr. Memorial Scholarship0$0
Harold R. Rowe International Fund0$0
Dr. Huma Shakil & Dr. Shakil M. Rahman Business Scholarship1$60
Robert M. Moore, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - For Sociologists to Experience Cultural Difference Through Living Abroad1$100
Lane Center Development Fund2$75
McVicker Family Endowment for Athletics0$0
Glenn G. & Mary E. Durst and Dr. Jack E. Arch Memorial Scholarship0$0
University Police1$100
Athletics Men's Basketball Scholarship8$465
Mary F. Younkers, R.N., Merit Nursing Scholarship5$235
Hillel Development Fund0$0
FSU Employee Relations Fund2$170
Student Accessibility Services0$0
Collaborative Work/Study Spaces Fund0$0
W. Craig Bowman and Alison Combes Management Leadership Endowment0$0
Emergency Scholarship4$170
Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Business Scholarship0$0
Jeffrey P. and Carol A. Fegan Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Coach James Crawley Football Fund0$0
Psychology Development Fund5$270
Elliot Weiner '65 Scholarship for Service to Animal Welfare0$0
J. Glenn Beall Jr. Institute for Public Affairs Endowment0$0
Dennis and Dawn Thomas Presidential Leadership Scholarship0$0
Jesse Gardiner Memorial Fund0$0
Social Work Development Fund4$140
Kelly Dressler Heflin Foundation Scholarship1$125
Dr. John (Jack) and Ruby Riley Elementary Education Scholarship0$0
Guy G. Shaffer Family Presidential Merit Scholarship in Accounting1$66
Athletics Men's Wrestling Scholarship0$0
Dr. Anthony G. Stair Economics Scholarship11$1,815
Student Band Assistant Scholarship0$0
Challenger Center2$110
Kirk-Kelly Family Scholarship1$50
Alejandro J. Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship0$0
Col. Lukas E. Hoska, Jr. and Florence Knettle Hoska Library Endowment0$0
BURG Peer Education Network1$50
Learning Green Living Green Special Events Fund0$0
Suzanne P. Himmler '68 and Charles J. Himmler '74 Education Scholarship0$0
Carl J. Donald '60 Education Scholarship0$0
Center for International Education0$0
James Lester Mason '75 College of Business Scholarship0$0
Athletics Volleyball Scholarship4$305
Dr. Albert M. Crall Alpha Phi Omega Founders Scholarship1$125
Kathy A. and Earl S. Boykins, Sr. Scholarship5$355
PAWS Food Pantry13$2,480
Alternative Break Fund35$2,033
Athletics Men's Wrestling Fund4$375
Nadeane A. Gordon Presidential Merit Scholarship for Vocal Music: In honor of Bonnie Gurley Kunkel and Barry Lyndon Gurley0$0
Francis A. and Lena G. Kenney Endowed Scholarship2$120
Excellence in Mathematics Scholarship0$0
Jennifer Leigh Johnson Theatre Scholarship2$1,020
Dorothy Stone White Scholarship in Theatre0$0
Hattie M. Strong Foundation "Strong Scholars" Scholarship0$0
Richard A. Johnson, M.D. Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Natural Resources0$0
Jack and Lois Elliott Scholarship1$100
Thelma B. Hadley Memorial and Bernetta M. Smouse Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Evan H. Offstein and Del Perdew Leadership Scholarship1$25
Stephanie Ann Roper Memorial Endowed Scholarship4$120
Dr. Kim R. Hall '10 and Mary C. Biscoe-Hall, Esq. '12 Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Sarah Grace Guthrie Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. Paul P. Hunt Chemistry Achievement Award1$60
Evelyn Bowman Endowed Fund0$0
Cumberland Lions Club Memorial Scholarship0$0
Athletics Men's Tennis Scholarship0$0
Larry D. Boggs Family Presidential Merit Special Education Teacher Scholarship0$0
Video Board0$0
G. Brad Rinard Memorial Fund31$2,865
Lillian Compton Endowed Fund0$0
Western Region Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Fund0$0
Computer Science and Information Technologies Endowed Scholarship0$0
Edith J. and William H. Bullamore Endowed Scholarship1$125
Fort Cumberland Lodge #211 and Ohr Lodge #131 Scholarship0$0
Cumberland Valley Society for Human Resource Management Scholarship0$0
Harry E. Mandell Art Scholarship0$0
First United Bank & Trust Scholarship0$0
Herold Family Scholarship0$0
Dr. David Morton Memorial Fund for Undergraduate Biology Research0$0
Walter Moore Endowed Scholarship0$0
M&T Bank Scholarship0$0
Collegiate Percussive Arts Society0$0
WCBC Radio Scholarship0$0
Music Guitar Ensemble Development Fund0$0
Loats Foundation Scholarship0$0
Herzog Family Scholarship0$0
Ira & Paula Martin Accounting Scholarship0$0
Friends of Music Leadership Award0$0
Student Business Leaders Scholarship0$0
Mary T. Lascaris Slider Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award0$0
Catherine R. Gira Campus to Community Fund1$20
Upper Division Education Scholarship0$0
Dr. Philip F. Brode, III, Class of '74 Chemistry Fund0$0
Robert A. Norr Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Spanish Club0$0
F. Perry Smith, Jr. Endowed Fund0$0
Geography Development Fund1$25
John C. Armor, Jr. Memorial Endowed Fund0$0
Esther Doerr Endowed Scholarship0$0
J. Frederick Gibralter Regional and Cultural Arts Endowment0$0
FSU Collegiate National Association for Music Education Fund1$125
Office of Information Technology Development Fund0$0
Shockley Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Psychology Department Memorial Scholarship: In Memory of Dr. Megan E. Bradley & Dr. Jason H. Edwards2$65
American Legion Patriotic Scholarship Award1$125
R. Bowen Hardesty and R. Bowen Hardesty Jr. Award0$0
Eleanor Porter Tennant Elementary Education Scholarship0$0
Finance Club0$0
Walter and Annette Brock Environmental Studies Scholarship0$0
Beta Gamma Sigma Development Fund0$0
Elisabeth Hitchins Memorial Scholarship0$0
Alice B. and Charles H. Manns, Jr. Scholarship for Student Success8$395
Diana L. James ’74 Arts Scholarship0$0
Allegany Soil Conservation District Scholarship in Honor of Supervisors Who Have Served on the Allegany Soil Conservation District Board0$0
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scholarship0$0
McElfish Family Scholarship0$0
Buster Nelson Scholarship1$20
Brownsville Memorial Fund for African American Studies1$60
Cooley-Price Library Materials Fund0$0
Dr. Michael C. Wilt Physics Scholarship0$0
Martha J. Kump Music Scholarship0$0
Katherine Ann Almquist Scholarship0$0
Annetta H. and Lloyd M. Marshall Elementary Education Endowed Fund0$0
Laneview Farms Scholarship for Plant Sciences0$0
Sharon L. Robinson Presidential Merit Scholarship in Accounting2$150
Experiential Learning and Career Readiness Fund0$0
Athletics Women's Basketball Scholarship5$325
Black Student Alliance3$140
Mathematics Department Development Fund0$0
Athletics Cheerleading Scholarship0$0
Capt. James A. Graham Bravery Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dennis S. Baker and Emalie J. Gibbons-Baker Social Work Scholarship0$0
Mary K. Finan Endowment for The Children's Literature Centre at Frostburg State University0$0
Dr. Joan DeVee Dixon and Dr. Alvin C. Broyles Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Dr. Robert L. and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann McFarland Scholarship0$0
Tanya McCaw Field Hockey Fund2$85
Sharon E. Irwin Scholarship0$0
Delta Chi Fraternity Student Accessibility Services Scholarship0$0
Allegany and Garrett Sportsman Association Endowed Scholarship0$0
Accounting Association Development Fund0$0
Music Department/Choral Development Fund0$0
Allegany County Opportunity Scholarship Endowment0$0
Masser Family Chemistry and Healthcare Professional Scholarship0$0
Sigma Tau Gamma Scholarship1$100
Dr. Anthony M. Lo Giudice Scholarship0$0
Doris L. Anderson Memorial Baseball Scholarship1$125
Physician Assistant Medicine Development Fund0$0
Turnbull, Hoover & Kahl Pass-Through Scholarship0$0
School Counseling Program1$25
Dr. Alice R. Manicur Endowment for Sloop Leadership Institute0$0
Joseph E. Maley Endowed Scholarship0$0
Anthony Wai Chiu Tam Science Achievement Award0$0
Joshua Powell Special Education Scholarship0$0
Theresa R. Williams-Harrison and Roosevelt Harrison College of Business Scholarship0$0
Athletics Intramurals Fund0$0
Political Science Endowed Scholarship0$0
Communication Studies Development Fund1$50
Center for Teaching Excellence0$0
Jane H. Grindel Endowed Scholarship0$0
Coach Ken Babcock Endowed Scholarship1$50
Ronald "Butch" Young Men's Basketball Scholarship2$220
Shakespeare Festival0$0
Martha T. and Ralph M. Race Western History Lecture Fund0$0
Col. Ronald G. Forrester, USAF, Ret. '67 & Dianna Calhoun Forrester '67 Presidential Merit Scholarship1$125
Global Civic Literacy Fund0$0
Dr. Leroy L. Kohler Memorial Scholarship0$0
Quincy Crawford Men's Basketball Scholarship0$0
Woodward and Virginia Pealer Endowed Fund0$0
Mathematics Department Endowment0$0
Dustin Davis and Judy DeHart Davis Development Award0$0
McVicker Family Scholarship0$0
Marlene Weimer Memorial Scholarly Endeavors Fund0$0
Amy and Martha Meek Endowed Fund0$0
Twylah Murphy Stewart Fund0$0
Mass Communication Scholarship1$125
Geography Club1$50
Dr. Mary Mumper Award0$0
Alpha Delta Chi Memorial Education Scholarship2$1,300
Tyrone Adams '87 and Sandra Wyche Adams '86 Scholarship0$0
Beall Archives Fund0$0
Rebekah Taylor Scholarship0$0
Kinesiology and Recreation Development Fund1$20
Lauren Weller Sidorowicz Memorial Volleyball Scholarship1$60
Iris Halmos Presidential Merit Scholarship in Music0$0
Janet Thomas Health and Physical Education Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Bobcats Beyond Borders Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Father Ed Hendricks Leadership Award1$25
Louise Goshorn and Barbara (Goshorn) Bruchey Presidential Merit Scholarship in English0$0
Dr. David D. Heavner '79 Scholarship0$0
Museum of Natural History at Frostburg State University Development Fund0$0
Hilda Holt and C. Phillip Gellner Endowed Scholarship0$0
John and Iva Kneisly Memorial Scholarship0$0
Clulee Endowed Book Fund0$0
Larry D. Boggs Family Endowment0$0
LaVale Century Club Scholarship Award0$0
Borden Mining Company Scholarship in Honor of Albert and Elizabeth Borden0$0
Veterans Center Endowment5$255
Sherry Phillips Hubbard Education Scholarship0$0
Ruth F. Brown Nursing Scholarship0$0
Geography Undergraduate Research Fund2$80
Frostburg State University Multi-media Learning Center0$0
Kim and Marion Leonard Leadership of Self & Others Experiential Learning Fund0$0
Robert and Johanna Weimer Scholarship1$500
Gary D. and Janet S. Cook Endowment for Radio WFWM0$0
Masser Family Unfinished Business Scholarship0$0
Ort, Inc. Technology Endowed Fund0$0
Allegany County Education Association Scholarship0$0
Frostburg State University Alumni Association Scholarship2$175
Upward Bound Math/Science Program1$60
Inclusive Early Childhood Teacher Education Laboratory0$0
Student Development Fund0$0
Commissioner Charles E. Spahr Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Ivan Diehl Alumni Achievement Scholarship0$0
William M. and Verna (Miller) Ternent Endowed Scholarship0$0
Lead and Inspire Scholarship0$0
Dr. Sikander and Mrs. Prabhat Sandhir Education Scholarship0$0
Frostburg Center for Literary Arts0$0
Dr. Pat and Mrs. Catherine Fetchero Nursing Scholarship0$0
Marketing and Finance Development Fund0$0
American Association of University Women Frostburg Scholarship0$0
Lewis J. Ort Health, Physical Education and Recreation Endowed Scholarship and Equipment Fund0$0
Foundation for Frostburg Scholarship0$0
Travis L. Klingler Memorial Scholarship0$0
Race to the Finish Scholarship0$0
Mary Stevens Scholarship0$0
Cobey/Lane/Footen Leadership Award0$0
Shannon Anne Forrester Memorial Scholarship0$0
Fred Swick Athletics Scholarship0$0
Music Jazz Development Fund0$0
Nancy Gibney Binkley Endowed Scholarship0$0
New Works Incubator Fund0$0
Richard E. and Dorothy K. Pesta Business Scholarship0$0
Student Athletic Advisory Committee Fund0$0
National Society of Leadership Success - FSU Chapter1$29
Dr. Oliver Ralph and Virginia Roth Scholarship0$0
Edward O. & Georgianna F. Metz Business Scholarship0$0
Jonathan A. Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship0$0
FSU HUB @ USMH for Early Learning Initiatives0$0
Constance Spates Endowed Scholarship0$0
John Leake Memorial Scholarship0$0
Sue and Jack Ganley Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Chessie Federal Credit Union Scholarship0$0
Jimmy Hollis Endowed Fund0$0
Donald P. Hutchinson Endowed Scholarship0$0
University Provost Fund0$0
Class of 1966 Scholarship3$500
ACT 1st Federal Credit Union Scholarship0$0
Marguerite Witwer Richards Endowed Scholarship0$0
Kathleen Dailey Hill Endowed Scholarship1$5
Academic Technology Fund0$0
Henry Smith, Jr. Music Management Scholarship1$125
Richard H. Sauer Scholarship0$0
Athletics Men's Soccer Scholarship1$20
Michael L. Mackereth '78 Scholarship0$0
Del Signore Endowment0$0
Sarfino & Rhoades Accounting Achievement Award0$0
Nellie Thomas Souders Scholarship0$0
Adele S. Bruchey, R.N. Nursing Scholarship0$0
English and Foreign Languages Development Fund0$0
Lady Bobcat Basketball Endowment0$0
Brian and Connie Mattingly Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Political Science Development Fund1$125
Wickert Family Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Dr. William A. Gracie Scholarship0$0
Allegany County Association for Family and Community Education Endowed Scholarship0$0
Psychology Faculty Development Fund0$0
Sandra K. Saville Presidential Merit Scholarship for the Arts0$0
Dr. Wally S. Hijab Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. Jack W. Vrieze Scholarship0$0
Dr. David A. Ruth Math Education Scholarship0$0
Tanya McCaw Field Hockey Scholarship0$0
Athletics Women's Rugby Scholarship0$0
Class of 1962 Scholarship0$0
English Endowed Scholarship0$0
Amigos de Garcia Scholarship0$0
Sam and Pam Griffith Physician Assistant Scholarship0$0
Jenny Apsey Stegmaier Memorial Scholarship0$0
David M. Gillespie Library Endowment0$0
Hazel Ramsey Memorial Music and Theatre Endowed Faculty Development Fund0$0
Counseling and Psychological Services Development Fund0$0
Eric Williams Presidential Merit Scholarship in Mathematics0$0
Alison Combes and W. Craig Bowman Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Dr. Harold and Geraldine Delaney Leadership Award0$0
PNC College of Business Presidential Merit Scholar Award0$0
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Fund0$0
Eta Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Society - Nellie Hilton Endowed Scholarship0$0
Athletics Men's Cross Country Scholarship2$175
Daly Computers Pass-Through Scholarship0$0
Paul D. Vandenberg Education Scholarship0$0
Soroptimist International of Frostburg Jane Grindel Memorial Scholarship1$20
Geography Scholarship In Memory of Ivan C. Diehl0$0
Betty Wendelin Memorial Elementary Education Scholarship0$0
James Cotton Faculty Development Fund2$75
Bill Miller Equipment Sales, Inc. Scholarship0$0
Athletics Women's Wrestling Fund1$25
Athletics Women's Swimming Scholarship1$20
FSU Foundation Opportunity Grants Fund1$50
Marjorie C. Phipps Mass Communication Scholarship0$0
Athletics Acrobatics/Tumbling Scholarship1$20
Monaco Family History Scholarship0$0
FSU Employee Appreciation3$300
Unfinished Business Scholarship2$155
Louise McKenna History Scholarship0$0
Glenn R. Scott '78 Scholarship0$0
Enid P. Kennedy Endowed Nursing Scholarship0$0
International Relations Club Endowed Fund0$0
Friends of Music0$0
Wilda B. Petenbrink Graduate Research Assistantship in Psychology0$0
Upward Bound Program0$0
Dr. Harold J. Winstanley Dedicated Professional Award1$50
Wildlife and Fisheries Development Fund1$75
Steve Beauregard '87 Computer Science Scholarship0$0
FSU National Residence Hall Honorary Endowment0$0
Law and Society Development Fund0$0
Ethel Hollinger Malchenson Scholarship0$0
Jonathan Gibralter Presidential Leadership Fund for Alcohol Awareness and Education0$0
Emeriti of Frostburg State University Scholarship0$0
Jon C. Jansen Endowment0$0
Lance D. Copsey Political Science Scholarship0$0
Music Endowed Scholarship0$0
R. Samuel and Pam Griffith Endowment0$0
Paul E. and Betty J. Barry Endowed Scholarship0$0
McGowan-Davisson Endowed Scholarship2$260
Biology Development Fund8$597
Student Support Services TRIO Scholarship2$120
Terry Phillips Art Award0$0
Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. J. Hopwood and Karen Wooddell Scholarship0$0
Rosann Phipps Langhans Art Scholarship0$0
Master of Business Administration Development Fund0$0
Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Chi Chapter Development Fund1$25
Tam Student Science Research Award0$0
Margaret Ager Smith Music Scholarship0$0
Martha T. and Ralph M. Race Western History Scholarship0$0
Mass Communication Experiential Learning Fund0$0
Joseph M. Ellis Endowed Memorial Fund0$0
Dorothy L. Norris Art Scholarship0$0
C. Walter Howe Political Science Scholarship1$125
William Nizinski Equipment Endowed Fund2$200
Children's Literature Centre230$9,433
Athletics Field Hockey Scholarship1$20
Ida B. Wells Student and Education Endowed Fund1$250
Donahue Scholarship0$0
Athletics Women's Wrestling Scholarship0$0
Maurice J. McDonough Scholarship0$0
McKenzie Family Scholarship0$0
Department of Music Choral Scholarship1$25
College of Business Global Education Scholarship0$0
Dr. Richard and Ms. Marion Trevaskis Endowment0$0
Asian American Cultural Society STEM Scholarship0$0
Wensel-Faherty Endowed Scholarship0$0
CBIZ Mathematics Scholarship0$0
Athletic Training Fund4$247
Athletics Men's Lacrosse Scholarship8$160
LaVale Lions Club Scholarship0$0
Frank and Margaret Farano Scholarship1$100
Nancy Dawson Arnold Nursing Scholarship0$0
Charlie and Wanda Steiner Memorial Scholarship0$0
J.B. Joynt III Memorial Scholarship0$0
Athletics Baseball Scholarship4$485
A. Henry and Edith M. Gehauf Scholarship2$120
Al and Dale Boxley Faculty Research Award0$0
Department of Music Instrumental Scholarship0$0
Athletics Women's Lacrosse Scholarship8$914
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 239 Scholarship0$0
Buckheit-Ketterman Family Scholarship0$0
Black Student Alliance (BSA) Mr. and Mrs. William “Bill” and Pansye S. Atkinson Legacy Scholarship37$1,520
Ronald "Butch" Young Baseball Scholarship2$220
Quincy and Eugenia Crawford Scholarship0$0
Russell W. Younkers Endowed Scholarship0$0
Aaron P. Zumpano Memorial Baseball Fund3$295
Veterans Student Aid Fund4$730
J. Laron Locke, M.D. and Stephanie F. Locke, M.D. Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Appalachian Arts Festival0$0
Alpha Xi Delta Scholarship7$595
Athletics Women's Rugby Fund5$145
Athletics Women's Soccer Scholarship7$210
Athletics Women's Track and Field Scholarship6$235
Office of Information Technology Team Building Fund5$240
Lewis J. Ort Endowed Regional Science Scholarship Award0$0
Cumberland Times-News Endowed Fund0$0
Patrick McKenna Memorial Scholarship0$0
Garden Club of Cumberland Scholarship0$0
Paul J. Creamer Family Scholarship2$1,020
Judge Gary and Barbara Leasure Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Dr. Tyra C. Phipps Scholarship0$0
Tutoring Center Development Fund0$0
Eugene Flinn Excellence Award in the Master of Business Administration Program1$500
Dr. Jonathan C. and Ms. Laurie Gibralter Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Eve Kristine V. Belfoure Study Abroad Scholarship0$0
Dr. Sean McCagh Hooley Plunge Special Education Scholarship0$0
MD Division of the Izaak Walton League of America Environmental Scholarship0$0
Esther May Carter Education Scholarship0$0
Emma and Paul Dailey Endowed Scholarship0$0
Health Science Program Development Fund1$30
Barry J. Barton Vietnam Veterans/Agent Orange Endowed Fund0$0
Dale L. Dickerhoof Nursing Scholarship0$0
Student Choral Music Assistant Scholarship0$0
Joe Divico Memorial Alhambra Endowed Fund0$0
Mabel Myers Memorial Music Scholarship0$0
Anton Zahn Presidential Merit Scholarship0$0
Management Development Fund5$604
John R. and Phyllis Sell MacVeigh Scholarship0$0
Adams/Wyche Multicultural Center at the Lincoln School2$40
Athletics Women's Cross Country Scholarship2$120
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